Making routes in Basecamp with .. the right OFM map...which map?

I found hesitation in Basecamp: compatibility of mapuse in GPS did not seem to be o.k. Could not transport the route exept for straight lines, viewable on the GPS. Only one route happened to be stalled in Active Routes.

Question 1: how can I remove this route? I cannot find him via de PC Maptree.

Question 2: I have in Basecamp OpenFietsMap Benelux, in de GPS Garmin I have
OpenFietsMap W3: does these two conflict with eachother?
Do I have to need exactly the same map in Basecamp versus GPS?


More or less solved. I have in Basecamp Benelux OFM, in Dakota OFM W3:
there comes a Compatibility warning with possibility to recalculate, after this the transport of the Route into Dakota is well done.

But: I found another route: first transport a track into the Dakota, then in the Dakota (Garmin/GPX change the profile from Track to Route, goes perfectly well.

Veldfiets, please post your Garmin questions in the Garmin subforum. Thanks!