Make wall map from OSM?

I did a RTW ride this summer and want to put a wall map in my basement with my route on it. I’ve searched wallpaper and poster sites and can’t find anything with roads on it. I want it to be continuous and either 6’ x 9’ or 7’ x 10’. On a trip through South America I was able to put 2 GeoCenter maps together effectively. But there is no way I could piece all the Asia and Europe maps together.

So,I was wondering if there is any way I could use OSM maps and have a print shop make a multi sheet map. I’m talking over my head here. But I’ve run out of other options.

Try Maperitive or, if you want a large-scale map, TileMill. They both can write vector SVG files that can be converted to PDF ready for printing. You may have to load the planet file into a PostreSQL database for that, or use vector tiles (I’m not sure how).

Generally, see

or go to and do a keyword search there like “print big” or similar … try some word combinations.

Thanks for the response,but I think this is way beyond my ability. What I read seems interesting. I just don’t have the time.

Hey Doogle,

TileMill is definitely a good option which will let you customize your map including all RGBA colours and fonts etc… If you are looking for a company to do the design and print of your map with roads on it I would check out
Good luck with your basement!