Make turn in NSW

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I have one serious doubt…
I have looked in NSW safet rules, which are published here:

and there are few examples of allowed turnings, such as:

However, I have found this situation:

So, my quesiton is: Is it allowed to make turn here, or not?

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According to your link: No. A **double **line must not be crossed either by turning right into the driveway or leaving the driveway to the right.
Only an unbroken (continuous) **single **line may be crossed in this particular situation (entering / leaving road).

Thanks for replay!

Hmm, can you (or someone else) confirm that you are absolutely sure about that?
My friend just sent me an email with the document, which on the bottom of 8th page it is said, I quote:
In NSW drivers are also permitted to cross two continuous
lines to enter or leave the road by the shortest route.

The document is taken from this url:

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As a driver in NSW, my understanding is it’s fine to cross double white lines in cases like this.

But even if it wasn’t, I’d argue it’s best to map this though the overtaking tag and not by applying turn restrictions everywhere.

Thanks for the reply!
Just to confirm. Should we map that though the overtaking tag, or maybe changing:lanes?
Road markings map style for JOSM fully supports this feature.


That is a driveway, Legally you can turn right in and out.