make tracks without acces an other color

I’m trying to make my own garmin map and I want to have a different colour for tracks on which I don’t have access to(access=no, motorcycle=no, motor_vehicle=no). I’ve got this in the stylesheet:

#to include the tags which mkgmap doesn’t normaly use for routing
highway=* & ( motor_vehicle | vehicle | motorcycle ) = ( no | agricultural | private) { add motorcar=no}

#if it doesn’t have a restriction: make it 0x0a, if it does 0x16
highway=track & (access | motor_vehicle | motorycle) != no [0x0a road_class=0 road_speed=7 resolution 21]
highway=track & (access | motor_vehicle | motorycle) = no [0x16 resolution 24]

As far as I can see, only the tracks with access=no is rendered as I like it to be. Any thoughts on this?

You use an unconventional way of styling the rule. I would do
highway=track & (access=no | motor_vehicle=no | motorcycle=no) [0x16 resolution 24]
highway=track [0x0a road_class=0 road_speed=7 resolution 21]

Thanks, that seems to work :slight_smile: