Make splitter tile names unique when no city present in tile.

When I use splitter and mkgmap to make a mapset for use in Garmin MapSource, I find it useful that the tile names be unique within a mapset.

Even using using does not cause all tiles to receive a name based on the largest population city, town or village within the tile, because there is no such inhabited place within the tile. This probably is an uncommon event in Europe; but, it is a common event in the rest of the world. The tiles without such an inhabited place receive a name of the map’s description alone, resulting in all such tiles receiving the same name. Yes, this is a cosmetic issue that does not prevent the mapset from being used; just harder to use.

I proposed adding a map locator code such as Open Location Code a.k.a. Plus Code to the map description to make it unique and to provide an indication of the size of the tile without a sufficiently large inhabited place to be entered in the file.

A big tile would have a short code and a small tile would have a long code. I have it implemented and running in my copy of splitter. If there are objections to using that code, then another such code is the Maidenhead Locator System used by amateur radio operators. (Maidenhead is a large town in Berkshire, England. It is where the the Maidenhead code was developed.)

Now, with the background stated, my question is: Is there enough community interest to request that that patch be implemented within splitter?