Major Update

Good Day,

Please can someone assist me.

i work for a fleet management company that uses OSM for mapping and road speed layers.

i have a mining area that needs some major changes done as the road has diverted due to the expansion of the mine.

How do i go about changing this. I am new to this and would not know how to do this accurately and have the changes reflect.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to OSM and the Forum

Contribute to OSM is normaly straight forward. Go to , create an account, login, start the editor and you are ready to go. So your question is a little bit general. Have you tried to get answers from ? What are the points you’re struggeling?

if the roads are changed and the aerial imagery does not have the new positiobs, you will probably have to start with recording GPS traces to determine the position of the streets

One issue you may have is if the aerial photos for the area are out-of-date. In that case ideally you would need GPS tracks from vehicles travelling those roads. I know many logistics companies do capture such data. The tracks can be used in some editors (Josm & Potlatch2 for sure) without uploading them to the OSM website, which you may not wish to do.

I would suggest that you use your best efforts to update the area, and then post a link to the area and people here can take a look and then offer more specific advice.

Thank you.

i have managed to update the road information by overlaying it on an updated version and mapped it correctly.

the problem now is that the satellite photo is outdated. Who would update these?

Looks OK for me:

Would be nice if you can also change highway=road (placeholder) to correct highway type: *Note, that there is a reference mentioned to a special tagging schema for South Africa but I couldn’t find a link for that.

Satellite and/or aeral images are not maintianed by OpenStreetMap. You need to contact the different providers like Microsoft’s Bing, ERSI, DigitalGlobe, Mapbox etc.

Thank you.

The road has different speed limits in different sections of the road.

Would i need to split the road up into sections?