Major hiking routes missing in

One of the best Topo Map renderers I just discovered, compliments:

network:rwn trails are there, but missing network:nwn hiking routes.

Cheers, Taunide

Could you please provide some examples? The network key ins’t taken into account at all - only colours and some of osmc:symbol coded values.

relation 215744 isn’t showing up (part of a super route, long distance trail) - blue in the Lonvia map

It’s because the “black:white::⊂:black” symbol is unsupported. The style was built with Polish, Czech and Slovak trail marking system in mind, so it can fail in other countries.

Hell, I didn’t thought that symbol stuff is that complicated! This trail is marked with a black “C” for more than an centrury! :slight_smile:

Personally I’d use the “colour” tag in addition to the “symbol” tag. Symbol is difficult to parse and the renderers would have to learn all the possible symbols to use them. Many styles don’t try to show symbols, just a single coloured line and they need to know what colour to use.