Maintaining wiki

Trying to edit the wiki for some days now. Most of the time submitting results in time-out errrors. I’m the only one experiencing these errors?

I was able to edit a page OK.

I’ve seen these when editing very large pages, I don’t know if the situation has improved since then. Smaller pages should be ok, though, except when the server is already busy. Unfortunately, it isn’t that powerful.

Quoting Platform Status:

Trying to edit a map fetures page, think that’s a complex one?!. Peak periods, there seems to be al lot of peak periods ;).

Looking some closer to the behaviour, a text change does take place despite the error. Trying to insert an external link, that’s troublesome (the spam protection?).

Map Features is the most complex page on the wiki by a long chalk, because of over-use of templates. Editing Map Features can have a performance impact on other OSM services. It’s that bad.