Macedonia.osm now available on

Hello, is providing regular updates for osm files for all continents and most countries. Unfortunately Macedonia was missing among the European countries, so yesterday I wrote to asking if they could start distributing osm files for Macedonia as well.

I just got a reply from Frederik Ramm of that from now on, on the files macedonia.osm.bz2 and will be available and updated on a regular basis. This will make it e.g. much easier to create Garmin maps for Macedonia (especially now the xapi servers for downloading large chunks of osm data seem all to be down :frowning: ).

Поздрав, Heinz

Hi Heinz,

Thank you! this is another great source for fresh OSM data which now includes Macedonia.

For reference, there is also which is providing OSM data on regular intervals (once a week usually). Download are available at , including pre-made Garmin .img files, etc…

You can also get the freshest data, with only few hours lag behind main API, via OSM Server Side Scripts. The bounding relation (53293) for Macedonia is set correctly (relation of bounding borders), so the following fetches the latest data for MK:

wget -O OSM_MKD.osm.gz --post-file=mk_get.xml

Contents of mk_get.xml:


More info on OSM Server Side Scripts at


Hi Ivan,

Thanks a lot for this information!!!

I was not yet aware of Their site looks very interesting, I’ll have to explore it in detail when I get some time,

Also thanks for the info about the Server Side Script Server - that’s exactly the functionality that I was looking for ever since
the Xapi servers were down.

OSM is exciting - and there is so much I still have to learn! :slight_smile:

Поздрав, Heinz

Hello all,

Just a word of warning, I think that there is some problem with the current Macedonia files from At least the ones I tried to use recently seemed to be incomplete, missing large parts of the inner country. I have written to the person in charge at and asked him to verify this. When I get a reply or see that the problem has been fixed, I will post it here…

Поздрав, Heinz

Hello all,

At last, the problem with the macedonia.osm.bz2 file from seems to be solved. According to Frederik Ramm from Geofabrik the problem was due to an error in the boundary polygon they used.

Поздрав, Heinz