Low zoom levelimages not shown

Hi, I have set up own tile server. Everything went well as per the instructions. While I open slippymap.html,
it does not show any tiles for first 4 zoom levels. I/f I zoom in to 5th level, then it starts showing the tiles.

Can somebody help me to understand this and solve?

Tell us exactly what tools with waht version number you are using in your database - rendering - stack.

And what framework to display the tiles? openlayers? leaflet? what version exactly?

Can you locate the directory structure where your map tile files are stored?

Can you see there the folders for zoomlevel 1-4? empty or any content in detail there?


I am using Postgres 9.3 version.
Using Openlayers. The standard slippymap.html page is being used. only white images are shown for first 4-5 layers.
Directory structure is :


files at this path are:
0.meta 128.meta 136.meta 8.meta

there are no other files at lavel 4.