Low quality automated creation of building

Lately, I start noticing rough sharp building around in some towns. At first I thought of few cases but as I continue looking around it seems kind of pattern. So I suspect, it was result of an automated or AI algorithm.

They look very low quality even to keep editing and comparing them to imagery. How am I supposed to deal with such cases?

Here an example, I highlighted the target buildings.

  1. I would recommend linking location, not only image. For example it is extremely unlikely but in theory possible that buildings have such shapes

  2. I would recommend contacting user who added this and ask them to fix their edits

  3. It is fine to delete garbage data. Highlighted buildings likely qualify as this, this looks like adding unverified automatically detected buildings. It is nicer to fix them, but if someone added large volume of them without review and have not fixed it after someone else pointed it out - then revert of edits adding such object is also possible.

  4. if user keeps making such edits - contact DWG (data working group)

  5. missing buildings ideally would be mapped - but that is not prerequisite to delete bogus shapes

Doing nothing is also a viable option. You can also map some other buildings properly and do not engage in stressful communication. You can also drop links here or elsewhere and maybe someone else will be interested in doing this.

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Next time please link an example of this so its easier for everyone to help.
One possibility is to check the user-account who made this changesets is there is some information on the profile. A comment in the Changeset itself should be the first step before opening a thread in the forum - in my opinion (but no big deal as well, i just like that the user is informed beforehand and about the thread as well).

It seems to be this region OpenStreetMap and the changeset is Changeset: 136663926 | OpenStreetMap with the way Way: 1176962239 | OpenStreetMap and the user is Superadlen | OpenStreetMap

I wrote a changeset comment and invited the user to join the discussion here in the forum.

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If this came thru the JOSM MapWitbAI plugin the change set summary has the number logged of buildings imported and each building has a source tag indicating the object arrived via MapWithAI.

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The DWG has been contacted about this issue

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