Lots of unintended POI's appear on my closed way

I’m creating a rather large polygon in potlatch and then after deselecting it, I suddenly have POI’s connected to a lot of nodes. I tried to seperate them from the way and then delete them, but that doesn’t seem to work: I get the message: “This point has since become part of a way, so you cannot save it as a POI”. So, how do I delete them or avoid them being created in the first place?

I’m thinking: maybe I’m creating my nodes on the map with mouseclicks so fast that Mapnik thinks the’re doubleclicks, hence creating a POI along the way. Is that possible?


Working with AND ways? AFAIK Potlatch also considers at the moment the source=tags and AND_ tags as POI, but Richard can correct me if i am wrong. But the green dots appearing above every node is a bug too, i think. I have had it a few times, and i believe it is just a rendering glitch.

It’s a bug in Potlatch: http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/1154 . It shows up when the server’s slow, which is why you’re seeing a lot of it at the moment. Should hopefully be fixed in 0.10c.

Skywave - that’s an interesting point about the AND data. Potlatch ignores certain nodes tags in the TIGER data; I guess it should do the same for AND. What node tags should it ignore?

I discovered they disappear on there own in time and most of the cases when you switch to the view tab and back they’re gone. So, the problem is less troublesome. The first time I encountered it, I just went on going to delete the whole obbject and started again. Luckily it seems that this is no longer necessary.

Probably something you fixed a long time ago then ;).