Lots of "test data" near Mumbai

There seems to be a regular GIS course being run in Mumbai with lots of regular new mappers. Some of the new features added I’m sure are genuine, but some I suspect are not (lots of features such as hospitals added with the same last name as the mapper, lots of doodles, and also for some reason a small motorway in a Turkish village).

The area that’s seen most of the mapping is here:


but there have also been edits elsewhere in the peninsular and also to the northeast. I’ve removed a couple of obvious doodles (and I can see from the edit history locally that a number of other people have also removed things) and also added some notes, but the area would definitely benefit from some locals casting their eyes over it and tidying some of the things that don’t exist.

I’ve cleaned up some of this. This follows other apparent class projects in other areas of the country. It may be useful to have a dedicated thread here to log these bouts of activity.