Lots of nodes but no road

hi I made a long (about. 100 km)
brok it apart made some tunnels bridges and uploaded but there was an error
now if i download from web i only get a lot of nodes with a ? in them
and not a connected road

how do i correct this
do i have to delete evry single node and create them again
(it would not be so difficult to create them again using Merkaartor) just a pain in the a** to delete them

or is there another way to do it ?


This sounds like a very serious bug in Merkaartor, you should send in a bug report

You can’t delete all the nodes in an easy automatic way, you can do it manually with some scripting. Hopefully Merkaartor support searching for “last changed date” and “creator” in tha tcase it would be easy.

it wasn’t a error in Merkaartor it was an 500 Internal Server Error on the osm server

i have just deleted all the nodes
and am going to create the road again

It seems to me that Merkaator will upload the 100km long way first and then break the way into bits the same way as you did. Afaik JOSM only uploads the results of the edits, in your case the resulting smaller ways, bridges and tunnels. So to prevent this from happening again, it seems wise not to create the whole way in one piece first but to create smaller ways from the start…

I create the whole way first upload it as one piece
and then download it again just to bee shure it is uploadet ok
and then i break it apart and do all the other things name, tags, bla bla bla.

this is the easyest way to do it in Merkaartor
you can right click on a imported GPX track and select “extract drawing layer”
then Merkaartor draws a road with just enough nodes to make a smoot road
this way i just use 1 click to create about 500 nodes from 1500 track points

No this is a very serious bug report. If Merkaartor doesn’t handle server error messages then something is really wrong. you should be able to upload your changes even though you got a 500 error.

That is a really really odd way of uploading data… In JOSM I just do all the mapping while pressing ‘save file’ now and then (to prevent accidental premature loss of data :laughing:). When I’m finished editing, after maybe some hours, I press ‘Upload’ and get a cup of coffee or prepare to go to bed. When uploading is finished I press ‘save file’ once more or delete the temporary file and shutdown. Is this the only way that just works, or is this a method to get on top of the daily stats, or…?

JOSM also has such a feature but I never use it as it will interpret variations in the GPS reception as curves in the road where there may not be any curves in reality. I guess Merkaator does the same depending on the level of node compression. I’m more in favor of adding plenty of nodes where they count (e.g. in corners) and leaving them away on straights…

Last couple of days I have the same “500 server error” in Merkaartor constantly, resulting in nodes which are not connected. :frowning:
The only thing I could do is trying to upload again and again and again (Ctrl-U) all the stuff in the dirty layer until all those nodes were connected.
:confused: I guess I will send in a bug report as well, its very frustrating.

Have you checked afterwards if the data is correct? E.g. no multiple nodes on the same spot, or multiple ways over eachother etc?

Yes, no multiple nodes etc. Usually it happens now and then that Merkaartor cant upload all the nodes in one time, but the last couple of days it happens frequently. I already send in a bug ticket report.

The bug report was disapproved and closed:

Where can I check this status page?
Is it normal when you try to upload data, everytime I want to upload for instance a road or area of 10 nodes I get at least 3 server errors?
It happens the last couple of days, everytime again.

Please supply links to the trac bug report and the area you have problems with…

wiki.openstreetmap.org will show you “platform status”

I thought you had problem with Merkaartor like this:

  1. uploading data
  2. upload fails somewhere in the middle with 500 error
  3. results in incomplete data on server
  4. trying to upload the rest of your data doesn’t work.

At first I had also a lot of lost nodes but trying to upload the rest of the data again (after some server errors) did work eventually.
Looks like uploading is now going smooth again without errors. I’'ll keep an eye on the server status next time, thanks. :slight_smile: