Lost osm analyzing website


I used to visit a website which had a different collection of maps based on spesific tags like driving speed, building hight, building type. Now i cant remember the address.

Does anybody have idea of the address?


Perhaps you are looking for ITO:


The service is no longer available but you can use Overpass Turbo instead.


Overpass Turbo requires a script. Just for a quick start:

out body; >; out skel qt;

This shows foot ways in the current screen (bounding box).

out body; >; out skel qt;

This shows service buildings in your city.

I am not good enough at OT to write a script with colours for different values.

Thanks goedegazelle. That was exactly it! Sad to hear they stopped.
I tried OT but dont understand it enough to get it to work.
Any other alternative?

The first example should work without modifications and show the result, supposed that there are foot ways in the visible area. You can copy that script and paste it into the left panel of OT, and then press the button in the top left with the caption “run.”

In the wiki you can find visualization tools for quality assurance. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Quality_assurance