Loss of detail with memorial=war_memorial alone?

Hi everyone,

I noticed a problem with the tag memorial=war_memorial.

A building, monument, statue or other edifice to celebrate a war or victory, or (predominating in modern times) to commemorate those who died or were injured in a war.

If you want to add it to a building there’s no problem, but what if you want to add it to a plaque or statue that are also values of memorial=*?

I noticed is a problem for some user, someone tagged an element as

memorial=statue + memorial_1=war_memorial

another one used

memorial=statue + war_memorial=yes

another tagging I could think of is

memorial=war_memorial + war_memorial=statue

what do you think about it?


See Talk:Key:memorial - OpenStreetMap Wikiwar_memorial=yes is mentioned. I prefer using something in the lines of subject=, and memorial:conflict= (=yes might be valid since it’s strangely not in freeform text) directly.

memorial_1= is definitely not the solution. Duplicating memorial= in war_memorial= isn’t convenient.


Oh, I missed that discussion, thanks for linking it.
I’m also prone to this solution:

Personally I would prefer deprecating memorial=war_memorial, tag its form there and have a new war_memorial=yes Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 10:33, 14 June 2022 (UTC)

We could start with mentioning it in the Wiki at least as a way to not loose information when the memorial can be described with another value such a statue, plaque, stone ecc.


yes, that could be a good start (if it is used at least a bit) - at least as an idea how to tag both form and war memorial function

Done here using the Wiki talk page and this thread as ref.