Looking for the DWG quarterly reports

anybody knows where to find the DWG quarterly reports?

the Data Working Group - OpenStreetMap Foundation page stops at DWG Activity Report Q2 2021

I do not wish to bother them with such a simple question, just looking for the list of the cases they closed in each trimester, to see the status of a couple of tickets I’m following.

Yes, it had been 1 year but they haven’t release new report.

Is DWG lacking of members? But no matter what, we still have hope for DWG.

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Flagging this conversation to the @osmf-data-wg members.

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We haven’t forgotten - some more will appear shortly.


with 110 views in 4 days, maybe informing us here when some of you updates the overview could be a good way to give visibility to the DWG work.

Data Working Group/DWG Activity Report Q3 2021 - OpenStreetMap Foundation has now appeared; the next two are also working their way out of the sausage machine and will be available shortly.


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On page Data Working Group - OpenStreetMap Foundation under heading “Minutes, Reports and Resolutions” the latest report is from Q3 2021. Are there newer reports which haven’t been published?

IMO it would be so much easier if the DWG would be more transparent, so that most of their work would be visible to all while they’re at it. it would remove much of our outsiders’ “anxiety” to know what is going on. (twice in the past I’ve offered to join the team, and didn’t get a reply.)

You are looking at the right page - new reports will show up there once they are ready for publication. Ideally this should be a few months after the quarter has ended but we’re not always perfect :wink:


Hi Msiipola, they have proceeded quite a bit, 2 more reports! :slight_smile:
aware it’s hard work, I trust I speak for all if I say we all appreciate that.

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