Looking for some place to host routable OSM based Garmin maps

Hi Guys,

I write a program/process which generates a Garmin Maps from OSM data. The code is in beta stage. It produces MP files which are later compiled with cgpsmapper. It obviously has space for improvements, but the resulting maps are already usable. I tested the maps during two last weekends and I was successfully guided by my GPS unit from Poland to Germany and back (more than 1000 km).

I already created maps for Germany, Benelux, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. I would like to publish them for wider audience for testing.

The maps are self-installable executable for MapSource for Windows. I am able to generate the files for Mac. I am working on automated process creating files for Linux. The files are pretty heavy (average 30 MB one map) and unfortunately I cannot afford hosting them. Because of this I am looking for some host where I could put the maps for download. I already talked with a few people from OSM leading circle but at the end I received no answer.

I want to regenerate the maps every week to keep them up to date. To make the managing of files more convenient I would need an FTP access to the server. I would also require a few html pages to describe the files.

Does anyone know some place where I would be able to host the maps?



I’ll ask the hosting sponsor for the Dutch branch as they already host my (non-routable) Garmin maps if they’ll allow it. I will report back here soon.

Thank you Lambertus!

I received a negative answer from the sales manager. Sorry…

Thank you anyway for your try. Anybody else?

I have found a place that suits my needs. Thanks for your help.

Can you post the link when you have completed your setup?
Also we have a similar setup in Australia but these are not routable could we get you to compile them for Australia as well?
ie if you compile them I can then copy to our host site for the Ozzie maps

It was a hot week in work, so I haven’t got much time for setup.

I created some quick web page and all the maps are available here:

I am still working on improvement of the generation process to support large areas.

Wow, impressive, just downloaded Germany and played with it a little in the area of Hannover. Finding POIs is easier (even as they are currently all “unnamed”) then addresses - I guess its time to work on cleaning up the data now - I see streets with different spellings, located in regions with different spellings, things that I did not pay much attention to in the past.


I am impressed!!! Great Job! I downloaded the Germany map to my Colorado and I did some routing in simulation mode. Your map is shown in cool 3D and it really looks like it works. I will try in real tomorrow.

One thing I was struggeling with was navigating from street to street, though. City to city worked just fine. I don’t know if it is just another Colorado bug, inaccurate map data or whatever.

I agree with TravelingViking, that we need to increase the quality of the map data. Radomir, could you give us a short insight, what is really important for your routing? I could imagine tags like max_speed, oneways, etc. How can we help?

Thanks again for the great job,

Well for openstreetmap in general more data is always important, we usually lack

  1. streetnames (name=…)
  2. oneway streets (oneway=yes + check direction)
  3. turn restrictions (have no clue)
  4. speed limits (max_speed=…)

Turn restrictions are the only one that are hard to get right.

Doubling interest for Australian maps :).

Also, is there a fundamental reason why they’re mapsource executables rather than just being files we can upload directly? I’m just a Linux user and have never used mapsource, or a Garmin routable product.

I uploaded one large file that can be uploaded directly to GPS unit. It contains all the maps.

Could you also possibly create GMAPSUPP.IMG for different areas ?

I’m not able to use the exe files because I’m a linux user.

I’d like to compare to liosha’s export ( that work pretty well )

And I’ll apreciate then to give feedback ( if it is not already perfect ! )

Any chance of creating a routable map for Malaysia/Singapore (bbox N1.0 E99.5, N7.0 E105.0)?

I am fighting with coast lines and generating ocean area. Malaysia was a good training area. I had some problems with double coast lines, but I use a bit old data and I saw you already deleted them nyem.

Malaysia uploaded.

I think the coast lines are now fixed. I am now working on more quick updates and cleaning the code to publish it.

Added Australia and Ethiopia.

If anyone would be so nice to propose some quick, automated way of creating IMG files ready to be copied to GPS unit, I could integrate it in my workflow and publish them. Currently the only way I see, is to send the data from MapSource to GPS and download them back. This makes no fun. Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t Sendmap do the job of creating a combined .img file?

I tried sendmap, but I can’t manage to send index data and it is not possible to search for streets in GPS unit.

When I upload only dddddddd.img files the map works, but no searching. If I include _MDR.img the map is ignored by GPS unit and is not visible at all. Does anyone have any experience with sendmap?