Looking for postal code areas of Switzerland and Austria

hi -

found this site having them http://www.flosm.de/html/Verwaltungsgrenzen.html -

but i’d need the full set as file

any idea where i can find that ?

thanks- Bjoern

you need to tell us more about the file format.

It looks to me as though it is rendering boundary=postal_code relations (e.g. https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1462305 ), so you would need to construct an overpass query to return all of those.

N.B. in some countries, this information is proprietary, so whilst you may get good results for Germany, England is not likely to give useful results (generally only the cenroids are in the public domain, not the exact boundary.

There is, presumably, some public document in Germany that is the original source of the data, but the example I picked doesn’t have good sourcing information.