Looking for national parks data in Malaysia

Hello all,

Andrew again from Apple. My team was doing some research on the national parks in Malaysia and I think we found two that are missing from OSM, Batang Ai National Park and Loagan Bunut National Park. I contacted Sarawak Forestry to see if they had data they could share but I didn’t yet hear back. I was wondering if anyone had a contact there, had open data for them, or happened to know about the park and could map it.


Hahaha… good luck! We locals basically gave up using this approach. You might get lucky though.

If in doubt, I’m not sure if a phone call is possible to kickstart everything (that time zone difference though!)

You can refer to below public document published by state government:

  1. Batang Ai National park https://forestry.sarawak.gov.my/upload/file_folder/NCCD%20Gazettement/National%20Parks/Batang%20Ai%20National%20Park.pdf

  2. Loagan Bunut National Park