Looking for mappers

Hi, I’m looking for groups of mappers active in your region and, as i saw that you have mapped a lot, I was wondering if you could help me getting in touch with them, maybe giving me contacts. (whatsapp, telegram, facebook,google groups, and so on). (expecially for mountains and peaks). It is for the devevopement of an application by a university.
Thanks for your helpfulness

Hi, we have a group in Telegram.
You can join here.

The link doesn’t work, can you check?
Then, have you got other groups on other social media?

Hi Unipoli, try this link please: https://t.me/osm_ar
You can also write us a direct message on Twitter https://twitter.com/OpenStreetMapAR


Hi unipoli,

What do you want to know about the peaks?

I reviewed almost all natural peak, volcano, saddle and cave_entrance in Argentina by manually checking the name, elevation and location of each one (one by one). I based the comparison on ign.gob.ar data (name, ele, and approximate location) and then manually corrected the location using OpenCycleMaps contour lines.