Looking for map editors

Hi there,

My name is Youcef and I’m head of Product at SpotAngels. We’re like Waze but for parking. Our app helps drivers find cheap parking and avoid tickets.

We started SpotAngels after getting our car towed and had to pay $600 to get it back.SpotAngels is available in 25+ cities in the USA and is powered by OSM.

We’re launching our Map Maker program that gives any map enthusiast access to our map editing tool in order to add parking rules.

Anybody interested to join it? I’m happy to jump over the phone to explain this more in details.

PS: I’m not sure if this type of posts is allowed in the forum. I will totally understand if it’s not. Just let me know. SpotAngels is a free app 100% maintained by our community and we currently don’t make any money.