Looking for identifier tag of streets


I didn’t find any information about that topic and would be glad if someone could help me with this.
In my city the local administration published a list of all the street names with additional information like a unique id of every street.
We would like to add the id to each street in osm but I wasn’t able to find a suitable tag for it.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Firstly you need to check if the city data has a suitable licence. Then you need to ascertain what the identifiers refer to: for instance in the UK ordnance survey publish unique identifiers from their main database called TOIDs, but a street may have many of them referring to different things. The only type of identifier which I think is genuinely useful in OSM is one identifying the name as this can help ensure accurate grouping of elements representing the same named streets. Other identifiers are likely to end up being corrupted, altered etc as people edit the road network.

I’d like to know what use-case you think benefits from adding these identifiers to the roads.

If you do decide to go ahead a typical format would be local_admin_code:highway_ref or similar. For instance many other bodies (national mapping agency, regional government) may also have distinct identifiers for the same highways.

Thank you for your input. We are working on an open data project which makes use of the waypoints to highlight specific streets on the map.
There are several streets sharing the same name, because when the city grew over the years a few smaller villages, which were using some identical names, were integrated. This is why this unique id would be useful to seperate them. I’ll check if there is another number given by regional or national government, but I don’t think they have any for this type of street.
I don’t have much experience with osm and want to prevent “spamming” the database, so if you think it shouldn’t be put into osm I’ll not go ahead.