Looking for a tool that can identify broken forest bounds

Are there any tools available that can help identify forest bounds rendering issues like overlapping bounds, missing segment, conflicting role (inner/outer), …

In our community, we face often the issue that large forest bounds stop rendering.
It’s very time-consuming to identify and search for the culprit issue/changeset.

A tool that can identify the issues above would help a lot. Any pointers are appreciated.

Ideally, it should show different colors for inner vs outer roles, and highlights gaps, overlaps and invalid intersections.

Not limited to forests, but geometry in general I would recommend OSM Inspector | Geofabrik Tools with its geometry and areas views.


OSMI can be useful as long as you ignore its false positives ( OSMI: "error: disused without highway=disused" )

JOSM can, but it is less suitable for scanning entire country for critical issues.

Osmose may be useful here, as long as you disable reports of zero importance encouraging pointless edits and ones prone to false positives.

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The process described here will work. It requires that you have a rendering database set up; for Thailand only that’s very possible on desktop or laptop (or virtual machine on one).

Once set up, it basically looks after itself - the one described in the diary entry just sends me a mail when national parks get broken or (less often) new ones are created.

In this example it’s likely we know the relation ID so JOSM’s a great fit:

  • Run JOSM
  • File
  • Download object
  • Relation
  • 4470371
  • Download object
  • Validate (the tick at bottom right)

At this time there are no errors.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. I already fixed the issue using OSMI.

I have also run a few tests with JOSM/OSMI on other relations and so far found different sets of errors, so both tools seem useful. I will report back my findings later in this thread.

If JOSM fails to detect something it may be worth reporting it to its authors. They are really great at making this validator even better.

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See #22749 (Adding more validation errors for areas) – JOSM though I think all problems are already reported at least as informational warnings (Others).

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