looking for a potlatch cheat sheet

Where would I find a printable summary of the potlatch keyboard shortcuts? Id like to have a cheat sheet to refer to until I commit the more common keystrokes to memory.

Copied from Potlatch’s help:

Keyboard shortcuts

B Add background source tag
C Close changeset
G Show GPS tracks
H Show history
I Show inspector
J Join point to what’s below ways
(+Shift) Unjoin from other ways
K Lock/unlock current selection
L Show current latitude/longitude
M Maximise editing window
P Create parallel way
R Repeat tags
S Save (unless editing live)
T Tidy into straight line/circle
U Undelete (show deleted ways)
X Cut way in two
Z Undo

  • Remove point from this way only
  • Add new tag
    / Select another way sharing this point
    Delete Delete point
    (+Shift) Delete entire way
    Return Finish drawing line
    Space Hold and drag background
    Esc Abort this edit; reload from server
    0 Remove all tags
    1-9 Select preset tags
    (+Shift) Select memorised tags
    (+S/Ctrl) Memorise tags
    § or ` Cycle between tag groups


There is also a “Chart sheet of Potlatch keyboard shortcuts”