Looking for a detailed example of a 4-way road junction

I am new to OSM please forgive my lack of knowledge.

I am trying to understand what OSM is capable of representing for street networks in terms of geometry, and would find it helpful to be able to study a fully detailed 4-way road junction example. Could you please suggest one?

For example, can OSM specify lanes for roads approaching a junction including:
pedestrian sidewalk | backward parking lane | backward bicycle lane | backward lane | backward lane | raised median lane | forwards left turn lane | forwards straight lane | forwards straight lane | forwards right turn lane | forwards bicycle lane | forwards parking lane | pedestrian sidewalk

where each lane includes a width and speed specification. Bus lanes and time conditional lane use examples are also of interest.

Preferable the example would also include pedestrian crossings for each of the 4-way roads of the junction.

Secondly, is there a way to see the OSM expressions like geojson.io shows JSON expressions?

Thank you in advance for any guidance :wink:


Here is an example with lots of nice features:

Though typically lanes are grouped in a single OSM ‘way’. With lots of tags on that way to describe the lanes. Separate OSM ways are used where is an actually barrier that you can’t cross (under normal circumstances)