Login problem

I can log in to this forum without any problem but, using the same details, I am unable to log in to edit the maps.

Any ideas anyone?

Edit… I am using Firefox, trying it with IE8 it is OK.
I can now see that FF is converting the Caps in my user name to lower case, but I cannot seem to stop it doing that.

At a guess, you probably need to register separately at the different sites (i.e. they don’t share a common login).


I have finally found it for myself. If anyone is interested, it is done via Tools → Options → Security → Saved Passwords (which includes user names).

All solved.


I am registered with both the mapping site and the forum using the same login name (ADCrawley), but Firefox insists on changing it to “adcrawley” in the mapping site which it will not accept. As I type the login name with ADC… it show a dropdown with both versions, but then always reverts to the all lower case version whichever one I select.

IE8 doesn’t make that change and logs in correctly, but I prefer Firefox for normal use.

Does anyone know how to stop Firefox from offering both versions?

Select the version you don’t want from the drop-down, then hit the Delete key.

No, the forum uses the same credentials as the main www.openstreetmap.org site.

More specifically, the forum uses the credentials entered in the forum login form to connect with the OSM API. If the OSM API returns the HTTP response code 200 - OK then the user is authenticated and proceeds to the forum overview page.