Lock on road?

I have an eTrex Legend Cx with the routable OSM maps loaded. I know there is an option in the map setup to turn “Road Lock” on or off.

Recently I was in a train, and I noticed that the GPS (with road lock set to off) was showing that I was surprisingly close to the road that was near the train line. Interestingly the road turned a corner when the train went straight ahead, and the GPS showed that I had turned the corner for a few seconds, then went back to the train line, and then jumped to another nearby road.

With the road lock set to on it tracks roads shown on the map much more closely than this.

To test it I disabled the OSM map, and now the track follows where I expect the train line to be pretty much exactly.

Has anyone seen this before? When I am trying to get a track to survey a new street I definitely need this off.

Well isn’t that the idea of the road lock? To lock onto roads? Your GPS was doing exactly what you asked it to do.

No the problem is that it locks onto roads even when this is turned off.

Interestingly it does seem to be speed sensitive. With road lock turned off, at a walking speed it shows your true position, but once you speed up a bit (e.g. my train test) you suddenly move to the nearest road.

It might be a problem with the routable maps, given that they’re still beta and all.

I remember having a similar problem when mapping some cycleways with the routable maps loaded, it would keep locking onto nearby roads despite the lock of road option being off. This is with an eTrex Legend HCx.

I’m unable to map roads as well, not sure if it’s just on my end or not.

The solution seems to be to just load non-routable maps when collecting map data.

Yes that’s correct.

Even i’m unable to do this.Please help me.