Locations close to a certain point of known coordinates

I would need to find the names and distances of the localities (i.e. points of interest) which are close to a point of known coordinates and which are about 1 km away from it.
However, the query must be made with a programming language such as VB6, B4A or other but by accessing via the http (or https) protocol and reading the results that the query provides (in any format (TXT, JSON, CSV, etc. )
Something like this (very roughly)
From such a query I would like to derive for example
Alpha, 450m
Beta, 600m
where Alpha, Beta, and Other are the place names.
Thanks for your attention

The traditional answer would be “load the OSM data that you are interested in into a database that understands geographical objects and do the query there”. However, are you perhaps looking for a service maintained by someone else that would return the answers you’re interested in in response to an http query?

Yes, I’m looking for some service that will give me the answers following a http query

You can use the Overpass API (e.g. for waste baskets):
Waste baskets 5 km around 52.5043,13.3872

And via http query:


I also think Overpass API is what you need, documentation is at

Overpass API - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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