Localization (Indigenous Peoples Languages)

Dear All,

Good day and hope you are keeping well!

Kindly note that my colleagues are currently working on a project devoted to localization of names in Canada for the following languages (unfortunately, there is a very limited data in OSM):

i) Chipewyan; (Dene Suline; De‌ne Su‌łıne‌), (=osm name:chp, iso_639: cjw/oj)
ii) East Cree, (osm:cr, iso_639: crj/cre/cr)
iii) Gwich’in, (iso_639: gwi)
iv) Inuvialuktun,
v) Inuktitut, (osm:iu iso_639: iku/iu)
vi) North and South Dene, (iso_639: den)
vii) Oji-Cree, (osm: oj, iso_639:ojs)
viii) Tlicho; (Dogrib; Tłı‌cho‌)

Hence, for the sake of good order, please let me know, whether you know any databases/websites/resources, from where this information may be extracted.

Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance and wishing you a great day!

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Sounds like a noble effort, but you’re likely going to have to look outside of online databases and other resources for this info. Many of these languages have relatively few speakers, and as such don’t have much in the way of online resources.

If you’re specifically looking for place names you might start with whatever info you can find from the Government of the Northwest Territories, as most of the languages in your list—in fact all of them except East Cree and Oji-Cree—are official languages in the NWT. Even though they are official their support is somewhat limited though.