Locality in different zoom levels

Is there a way for locality names to appear in different zoom levels according to their importance?? For example, mountain peaks should appear first, and as you zoom in, different minor locality names of mountain areas appear later. Much like a hiking map where these localities appear with smaller lettering

I think you have to make your own map if you wish yo change the rendering.

Mountain peaks should be mapped as natural=peak, not place=locality.

Many maps give more priority to peaks than localities, but that’s up to the mapmaker. Our job is to tag accurately.

There’s also natural=ridge, natural=mountain_range, etc, but with limited support (so far) in the various maps.

I wrote a diary entry ages ago about how to show “important” peaks (ones higher than a certain value and/or with a certain prominence) before others - maybe it’ll be useful:


OpenAndroMaps does pre-processing like that. At medium zoom levels, only the more prominent peaks are shown.