Local Hackathon Tools


I’m sorry for the rather general question but I’m considering doing some work locally with some groups and I wondered if there was any general advice about tools and software that would be most suitable.

The context is that I’m part of a largish cycling network in a small town. My general idea is to mobilise this network and openstreetmap to both highlight places where the community would want new infrastructure for campaigning but also to get them to highlight areas and elements of OSM that are not correct (or missing data).

I was hoping to do something similar to Commonplace but in a way that would benefit OSM by getting a group of people to review the elements that they use frequently.

Does anyone have any experience of doing something similar? Any general advice or steer on best software to use? I think it would be best to avoid direct editing of OSM but if I collect that data I can go and confirm any errors before editing.

(sorry if this isn’t the right place for the question!)


For most purposes you’ll probably want to stick with downloading data and uploading your changes. When you upload your changes you have effectively “saved” your changes. Better than that, you’ve made your changes available for other people to see on the map, and to make further changes to. Hmm there are hundreds of software that can be useful but not give enough quality. The OpenStreetMap is all about internet connectivity. However JOSM can also work with files on your local filesystem, saving and opening files to/from your local disk. This works much like any other normal desktop application.