'Loading nnnn features'

Thus may be an idiot question, but at www.openstreetmap.org/#map=12/54.9360/-1.3466&layers=D and elsewhere I get:
Loading 2686 features, which may make your browser slow or unresponsive. Are sure you want to display this data?

It loads the data regardless of clicking OK or closing the dialogue box so effectively unusable.

Not sure what I am now doing wrong.

Cheers, CC

The “&layers=D” part of the link turns the data layer on. Don’t do that - use https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=12/54.9360/-1.3466 instead.

Thanks so much. I’ll look out for the ‘D’ in future, but do you have any idea how the ‘D’ got there and how I might avoid it happening in future?
Cheers, Colin

I suspect that once it gets turned on, it stays on by default - and of course sharing a URL with that in it will turn it on.

I’m guessing that you are right. I deleted the ‘D’ and did a few searches before my last post here, but today even if I just use the url www.openstreetmap.org if comes back as soon as I zoom to see details such as footpaths so its use is now rather limited!
Thanks again, CC

The button to toggle the data layer on & off is quite laggy, so I sometimes find in trying to turn it off I’ve turned it off & back on again. SomeoneElse’s advice to just delete the “D” stuff is good in this respect.

As an OSM newcomer many years ago I accidentally turned on a “lint” layer (for finding mapping issues, long since retired) and wondered what the hell I’d done.

Thanks - that’s it - I’d not noticed the Map data checkbox before as it was off the bottom of my 27" screen! CC