Little Island, New York does not look right

Was looking for a sample of tagging for a meat packer and landed at Meatpacking district, then saw in adjacent this which in imagery from above looks like large leisure structure on stilts, but eaten by the water it’s hovering over and the layer=1 tag seems to confirm that.

S/He who knows how to fix this showing of trees in water, please do.

I think this should actually be man_made=pier which would render properly even without the layer tag.


To add to that, I don’t think the seamark:platform:category tag would apply here.

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OK, thanks for looking in. The ‘piers’ to the artificial stilted island are mapped as bridges ATM.

Edit: Have pinged the last mapper with link to this thread.

I’m looking at it. I don’t think it’s the use of platform. I think it’s the double use of park and man_made. I was trying to render it green since it’s a park. Might have to separate the areas.

Looks like pier renders it beige. It’s described as an artificial island, isn’t built like a typical pier, and could never be used for ship berthing, but maybe it’s better than the alternative.

Thoughts on how to get the landscaping to render?

(I Think) really outlandish would be drawing a coastline ;P)

I bet the layer=1 tag is messing with the rendering of features that should be on top of the pier. Try taking that off? Or, if you really want this to be above other structures, move the landscaping to the same layer.