List of street based zip code an province

How to return a list of street based zip code 80128 and Napoli , in italy?

Api rest is welcome or other way

You would need to have the area 80128 defined on OSM. Other (non-postal) boundaries are mapped, but these do not seem to coincide with the postal boundaries on this other website: That website doesn’t seem to help otherwise.

If the boundary is mapped, you could use to run a search. For example in Dublin, Ireland I can run the search:

highway=* and name=* in “Dublin 2”

and it outputs the data as a map or code. There are ‘Map’ and ‘Data’ buttons in the top right corner. Hopefully this works: overpass turbo

You may wish to refine your search and exclude bus stops and motorways, so you would use this revised search.

highway=* and name=* and highway!=bus_stop and highway!=motorway and highway!=motorway_link in “Dublin 2”

Alternatively, you could create a search box approximating the area of 80128 and search for all highways in the box, including those outside 80128.

There are ‘Map’ and ‘Data’ buttons in the top right corner.