List of Israel Places

Hi all,

I’ve created a list of all places in Israel.

Please comment on ways to enhance it and make it better.

Please remember that it’s still a work in progress.

It is a machine generated list, so don’t edit it.
Use its talk page for comments, or better is this thread.

The filter I used is “places whose name tag is in Hebrew”

In the future I plan to divide by letter.

Places that have a polygon but not a node means that there are some discrepancies with the names (most likely), or the node is missing (unlikely…)


Great thing and good idea (could be from me :slight_smile: )

But why only in English and not Hebrew?
Could be nice Google search feedback having also the Hebrew namings in the list.

Something like this? :wink:


I’ve added a counter for the place polygons.
About half the places have polygons. We still have a long way to go.



I love statistics. So today we have the following status:
Grand Total Places: 1274, polygons: 640

634 are still missing :frowning:

A few were added today, and 3 were deleted yesterday by mistake and re-added today,
so I hope tomorrow’s stats will be a little better :slight_smile:


1276, polygons: 801

475 missing

Grand Total Places: 1277, polygons: 867

410 missing

Grand Total Places: 1278, polygons: 944

334 missing

Grand Total Places: 1310, polygons: 1074

236 missing

PS: we are also getting more places nodes

I added several recognized Bedouin villages in the south.

I also went over several places, and changed them.
They aren’t villages anymore.
e.g. Avukah, Havat Shalem, etc.


Grand Total Places: 1285, polygons: 1149
136 missing

PS: We will need local help in the following Areas as the places are very close to each other:

Petah Tikva =>
Qiryat Hayyim =>
Qiryat Ata =>

Anybody that can help ?

Grand Total Places: 1284, polygons: 1155

129 missing

Thanks Talkat for taking care of all three links I posted. Good teamwork.
We are getting very close to 100 now.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I believe we are below 100 with todays’ edits :wink:



Please check our this area where I also not able to figure out what counts to what place:

There’s no “Yokneam”
Just “Yokneam Illit” which is the small town, and “Yokneam Hamoshava” which is the village.
Yokneam Illit is what people usually mean when they say “Yokneam”


1274, polygons: 1211

63 missing

(Today we should get to around 10 that are most probably problematic cases!)

10 Is a big goal…

I solved about 5 “problematic cases” today. :slight_smile:


I went through from the top to the letter G and fixed everything.
I’m now at H

Somehow Haifa is showing as missing. It has a relation instead of the normal place tags.
Is this a problem ?

Now working on the letter : K
Everything on the list till K is done. Only Haifa is missing.