Linking to Twitter. Using that little box when saving Potlatch edits.

Recently started using twitter and am now following @openstreetmap So, I got a tweet that this week is Pharmacy week. I don’t edit as much as a was earlier in the year, mostly because I haven’t been out hiking the trails that I was adding to the map, but I made the effort to add some Pharmacies to the map thanks to that tweet. Now that I am on twitter, I noticed that little check box that I used to ignore, to post my edit to twitter. It might be a cool community thing just to say that you asked for pharmacies this week, I give you pharmacies. So, how do I link my openstreetmap account to twitter so that check box will illuminate? I’m looking at my profile settings but see nothing and did a search for “twitter” on our wiki but didn’t see anything.

Unfortunately this no longer works because Twitter changed their authentication system. :frowning: