Linking roads - how to define them ?

I have always a problem when two streets have a linking street between that have normally no traffic light.
Example : or Link

  • There is no definition of something like “highway=residential_link” or “highway=teritary_link”. Should there maybe be one ?

  • What should be the name of this street? The street that has started this linkstreet or the street where this street ends.

  • What should be the rule for the highway definition? Should it be the definition of the bigger street ?

Would be interesting to know what you think of this.

I think we don’t need it. At least not for residential links

I don’t think that kind of streets have a name. Maybe something like “link from __ to __”??

Usually i tag the linking road with the highest ranking of the linked roads

It’s just another residential street.

It’s too cumbersome.
I’m against naming these links.
All those small cut-corners should be unnamed.

If it’s when approaching/leaving an intersection, where the road becomes wider to accommodate both sides, for more than a few meters, then maybe, give it the name of the continuing way.

As a general note, the length between two adjacent nodes should not be too short.
Ways with a too short distance (roughly 3.4 meters) confuses the navigation apps. e.g. Garmin.
Recently I’ve started to weed out these too short sections.
In most cases they are a result of mapping errors.
Ways having the same node twice (or more) one after the other, etc.

Yes, like roundabouts.

The same goes to ways that link ways with the ref tag.
The linking way should not have a ref tag.
Unless that’s where the referenced way is.