Lime Kilns - historic

I wish to add some historic Lime Kilns which appear in woodlands but am not sure how to mark them. Should they be ‘historic=lime_kiln’ or ‘historic=ruins’ or what? I’ve tried searching the site but to no avail.


Edited to add: Please advise where I should be looking for the answer to this kind of question so I don’t need to keep bothering this forum.

Tagwatch will tell you what other people have done, but there is no right or wrong way.

I stopped the download for the “historic” tag after 4MB, but a quick search for “lime” shows:


‘Strange but untrue’


So I suggest you choose what you like best. Not sure how any of these render, if any. This may influence your choice (I can hear the chorus of “don’t map for the renderer” already!!)