ligth rail modality

hello fellow mappers. as some of you may know im doing alot to clean up data in my area. while wandering along i noticed a light rail line in need of clean-up. but i have a question about what this line represents.

does anyone know if it has a specific definition on openstreetmaps? im wondering if it is a to way type of line, or should there be a line in each direction. [the former seems a bit silly, but i thought i would ask before i go deleting someone path]

I’m not sure what you mean by this:
im wondering if it is a to way type of line

My interpretation of this is that you have two rail tracks and you wonder if you should map both, as separate ways or as one way with some kind of tag that says this is really two separate tracks like “tracks=2”. I would say “you map what is there”, if there is two tracks then you map each track as a way. But you can’t always do that, so you can just map one of them and put a “tracks=2”, and a note=“This is really two tracks but I have only mapped one”…

Some times you don’t have enough data to map it all, and sometimes you are just lazy. E.g. mos tof the Subway tracs around stockholm are really two tracks, but they are mapped as one.

ha, yes. pardon my typo. i was just wondering what the common practics was. the ways in los angeles are very eratic and messy. so i have tasked myself with cleaning up the region.

in my quest to do so i notice the path of a local light rail line.