Licensing question

Suppose I write a photo book or tavel guide, either in print, electronically or as a software package. Suppose I add maps to it, based on (edited) openstreetmaps. Suppose I license the maps in the book separately under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license, whereas the (rest of the) book/guide/software has my copyright label on it. Is this legal or is the whole book/guide//software considered a derived work ?

Look in the wiki. We have a legal-FAQ there.

Yes we have legal-FAQ but it does not seem to mention that we are going to move to another license soon. See

I consider that the current license does not affect anything else than the maps in your book. Once the new license is in use you can deside to publish also the maps under any license you wish.

Thnks for your reply. And the new license looks promising.