License Question

We wish to add to OSM data relating to electric vehicle charge point locations and capabilities. However, it is not clear to me whether a third party could extract and use the charge point data without restriction.

I have read the Wiki regarding the CC-BY-SA and proposed ODbl license and received independent advice that we should ignore these and use a PDDL license for the data that we submit to OSM;

This raises some questions;

Can the data we enter into OSM be used by third parties without restriction under the current or proposed OSM license?

Can we enforce PDDL for the data that we enter into OSM? If we do, what happens if a third party extracts some additional data entered into OSM under a license other than PDDL?

It might be an idea to pose this question to the OSM Legal Talk mailing list:

PDDL effectively means “we claim no rights in this data”. Therefore there’s nothing to “enforce” - anyone can do anything with it.

That means it’s a great choice for incorporating into OSM under the current or proposed licence, or indeed into any database anywhere.

However, if a user extracts the data from OSM, it will then be subject to OSM’s (more restrictive) terms.