License Change

Most of the recent discussion on the status of the new contributor terms has been on the talk-ch mailling list. Since the audiences are somewhat disjoint, an update here is probably necessary.

Currently we have a good 66% of all data covered and not quite 30% of the mappers that have actually contributed to the Swiss part of OSM.

Of the top 10 mappers (contribution wise) only 1 (one) hasn’t accepted the CT yet, out of the top 100 only 42 are missing.

Detailed data and the status on a per mapper base, can be found here

The list is updated daily.

While we are still in the voluntary stage of the license change, it still makes sense to support it now, so that we reach critical mass early and keep the process moving at a high pace.


If you want to find out what the status of the license change is geographically you can use

Note that the data is not updated that frequently, and in general, the tiles displayed tend to be stale.


Do these odbl agreement statistics also exist for other countries?


I don’t believe that anybody else is providing current data.

You can find similar data for the DACH area here

AFAIK it hasn’t been updated.


the datas of the stats (links from the first posting from above link) are from the 22.11.2010…

I’ve added a page to the Swiss part of the wiki: