Licence-Changing starts at 01.04.2012 (changed from 27.03.2012)

The LWG (Licence Working Group) published the plan for the Licence Changing [1].
So, at the 27.03.2012 the DB is changing to Read-Only for deleting/hiding the non-ODbL-Data. And at 01.04.2012 the DB should be online as ODbL-Database.

I hope, in this week till 27.03. there will be some additional people accepting the ODbL…


according this posting, the changing starts earliest 1 day later. So the database will be tomorrow still online for edits.

There is now a new schedule available for the Licence-Changing:

The new schedule:

1st April: Enter Read-only mode. 8am UTC
4th April: End of downtime. Enter Read-write mode on new server. Our estimate is that this will be in the morning, but could be subject to change.
5th-6th April: bbox-based live-data tests of rebuild logic.
7th April: Start automated processing of all remaining non-clean objects.
9th April: Progress report and estimation of remaining license upgrade time.
To be Determined: On completion of the processing, subject to satisfaction with the outcome we can re-declare the dataset to be ODbL. Immediately afterwards, a first new license planet file will be generated/published, and diff creation will resume.

Server is in Read-Write-Mode again. It is possible again to make edits.