Licence based removing of data in Australia

I realize Australia has similar problems like Poland with licence changing.
We keep our fingers crossed for you!


Thanks Marek,:slight_smile:

It’s sad to see so much data gone. The map was really looking finished and very usable, but now a big catch up again.

Surely the users who spent so much time would have been happy to agree to the licence change, rather than lose their data. I’m so happy that my contributions are still there. I was a bit worried that maybe I didn’t accept the new licence by mistake.

But it bothers me that parts of the highways, primary and secondary roads are missing. I hope the developers can find a ‘legal’ way to get these back on the map.

Anyway, OSM is still a great project and I’ll keep contibuting whenever I can, just like all the other keen mappers in Australia and around the world.

Having only been a relatively recent user of and contributor to OSM I was only vaguely aware of the licence chance (I had to agree to the new licence when I first signed up). I didn’t realize what impact the change would have until I looked at the map today (been away and haven’t looked for a while). The map has been heavily impacted in my area (Northern Rivers, NSW), even chunks of the Pacific Highway are missing (Australia’s #1 National Highway for those who don’t know).

I’ve only ever done relatively small potlatch edits so fixing the current mess looks like a daunting task.

I’ve been playing in QuantumGIS with shapefile data from Geoscience Australia (GA) for another mapping project and its got me wondering whether it can be used on OSM.
GA’s copyright info is here:
The GIS data can be obtained through the “Order Extract” function of GA’s Map Connect here:

If anyone has tips for fixing the maps I’m keen to know/ help.
If areas need checking after automated fixes I could help out with that too.

Agreed, and keen to see the maps come back better than ever.

SimonPoole has set up a server to coordinate the repair-attempts.
At this point, there are two projects for the East Cost and Sydney area only. But maybe Simon can extend this.

I stopped mapping in South Dakota and Germany to help our aussi friends. Unfortunately I don’t have any road names and most of the road- types are guessed. But at least, the roads won’t be missing anymore.

together we can stand this situation and we will come back much stronger!

Large chunks of Sydney missing. Decided to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Have started with St Clair and Erksine Park. Also cleaning up Eastwood and Denistone (as it’s my local area). At the moment I’m just trying to get the roads in. The Blue Mtns are a mess with chunks of highway and railway missing. Hopefully by year’s end we’ll get it done.

Canberra seems to have withstood it pretty well. I’ve noticed a few areas with some gaps, however it generally looks much the same as it did a month or so ago.

Perth on the otherhand has chunks missing all over the place. I’ll probably put some effort into correcting my old haunts (the areas I know/knew quite well).

Maybe I spoke too soon. At first glance, the map in Canberra still looks ok, however checking the Redaction Bot view on OSM Inspector really shows how much has changed. Disappointing, but not insurmountable to remap.

I’ve just looked at OSM for the first time in a while and realised some seemingly-random redaction has been done on tracks I mapped by GPS in the Anglesea Heath/Otways region of Victoria. I accepted the new licence conditions two years ago, so it’s very disappointing to have taken the time to map these legal 4WD tracks and have my work just disappear.

I’m no longer actively mapping, so unless someone can reverse the changes they may stay empty for some time. :frowning:

Shiney Eye track, Haggarts Track, and Allardyce Track - west of Anglesea - are the ones I’ve noticed so far. Considering how much of the towns and tracks of the Great Ocean Road and Otways I spent months mapping, I have no real way of knowing what else might be missing. Talk about discouraging…