Licence applied to Notes


OSM France has met with the French National Geographic Institute (IGN) and we are wondering about the license applied to the notes that are made in OSM.
Does the ODbL licence apply? Another one? or no licence?

I couldn’t find the information. Thanks for your help


note that some notes can be made by anonymous accounts which have not agreed to TOU. It is really rare but in theory someone may have created notes with copyrighted text. like for example an entire book.

And anonymous notes of “Google Maps has here POI xyz” are happening regularly.

The user is not informed of any license when submitting a note, either on or on various clients.
Thus I guess we have to say that this data has no licence.


That will be in a second time, but I note the remark

As you know, I would like to have the licensing issue resolved before going any further. It will be possible to make filters I guess. It will also be necessary to determine what may or may not interest the IGN in all the notes

For logged in users it is likely covered by TOU like other edits.

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A priori @vincent_95 found the answer by digging into the API, but it is not very clear. What about anonymous notes since the contributor has not accepted the terms of the contributor and therefore the ODbL license?,51.312159,0.374908,51.669148

I wouldn’t take that API response as meaning anything to be honest - that’s just the default that it puts on all responses and I doubt anybody gave any thought to whether it’s correct in this instance.