Liaison with NSW NPWS

DWG have received a

"Request for a Liaison Officer :

To enhance the accuracy of OpenStreetMap data pertaining to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service"

This has come up in regard to tracks that they say they have previously requested be deleted (I’m contacting them to confirm just which?)

What would be the easiest way for them to contact us with questions like this - here / AU List / Discord?

Question posed in all three places.


I would suggest the Discord forum personally, as they are likely to get the most exposure to various tagging issues there. Maybe even a sub forum, “tracks” under Oceania (if possible)?

Thanks Tas.

Suggestion has also been made that the List may be the easiest to contact as it only needs an e-mail, rather than having to have either an OSM or Discord account?

What do you reckon - is this something that could possibly be sorted by having a general OSM-AU / OSM-Oceania e-mail address, probably though OSGeo?

I would stick with the Talk-au Info Page for any email.

The issues they are talking about apply everywhere in AU (and across the world really)