LGPL-Componente for displaying OSM-data on .Net

I didn’t find a finished component in the internet so I’ve written my own one.
It offers mostly the same features as the slippy map and can be directly used as control.

Check it out under http://code.google.com/p/openstreetmapcomponent/.
I’d be happy for every comment except that I’m violating the license rules :sunglasses:

Cool. But what’s with the license? Aren’t you showing attribution on or near the map? In that case you are violating the OSM license…


I’m showing a license hint in the bottom right corner.
“Map data is provided by openstreetmap.org” → http://www.openstreetmap.org"
“Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike” → link to the CC-license page.
Look the sample, if you want any chances to the license texts, write me (in the best
way a high priority isssue on the project homepage).