level at which natural=mountain_range will render


When walking on a rail trail last week (heights were from 350 m asl to 600 m asl I noticed no mountain range names were displayed in the usual on line browser (https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=xx).

The locals were able to tell me their names without hesitation.

On returning home I noticed there was one attempt to enter a range name with “fix me” in the description.

I have now entered three range names and none have appeared in the “usual online browser”. One was entered as a point, one as a line (way). The third mountain range is about 50 km long (SW to NE) and about 15 to 20 km wide over most of that length. Because of the area involved I took the view even a long line would not give the picture. Accordingly, and having regard to the discussion at the page “natural=mountain_range”, created a polygon at both the 800 m asl and 1,000 m asl lines and tagged accordingly.

None of these range names have displayed

My request

Please advise how to achieve the outcome shown in the wiki.

  1. It should be not-rendered on the OSM Carto style used by the Standard Tile Layer. If there’s a ridge, you can consider adding it.

  2. As your difficulty shows, it’s not obvious how to define the area of a mountain range. It’s immediately opposed in the wiki discussion below. Having “created a polygon at both the 800 m asl and 1,000 m asl lines” would either be duplicating, or debatable. A line works fine. Fundamentally, it’s defined from its peaks.

  3. The wiki page only mentioned “OpenAndroMaps with Elevate theme”. Taginfo project lists OpenTopoMap (no points) and OSMAnd rendering them (not familiar with Dianacht Topo).