Letting the editor know whether or not data are ready to be published


It is quite frustrating and demobilizing to spend time including data on the map, not to see them published, and not to know why.
I suggest that, in iD editor, when an editor click on “Save”, he be told

  • which of his modifications will be published, and which will not,
  • the reason why some of these modifications will not be published, if any.

Hi Henri
all the rendering of all the zoom levels is not done at once and their are many versions of rendering for the osm, so don’t feel as though your efforts are in vain.
If you include the url from www.openstreetmap.org of the area you feel is not up to scratch, someone can check if the tagging is ok.
And also may be able to suggest a version of the map that displays the info you are entering that you would like presented more completely.
Be assured that all the data you have entered are in the osm database and able to be used.

Edit: I now see you have done plenty of editing of the map to date, so this probably had little relevant context for you, but will leave here for other newish mappers that come along.

I added landuse=retail to the “Barilagchdyn” coach station and that renders ok on the standard map if that helps.